Blast From the Past Stocking Stuffers

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I was thinking about what else to post in my stocking stuffer series and remembered all the great toys and games we had in the 90’s. I thought it’d be cool to get a couple of things for Rosebud and to bring you all down memory lane with this list of fun toys, games and accessories from the 90’s. There are stocking stuffers for kids of all ages on this list.

Children playing board games


Let’s start off with games. Board games were a big thing in the 90’s. I remember many weekends playing board or card games with my friends. Now kids are attached to their screens, but it might be fun for them to play an actual game with real pieces instead. Do you remember any of these?

Blast from the Past Stocking Stuffers pin


There were lots of toys to collect in the 90’s. I had my share of beanie babies, troll dolls and the horses from My Little Pony. I don’t remember the show, but I do remember the plastic ponies.

More Toys

Who remembers these water games?

Here’s something for the boys.

Girl with makeup at a vanity


Here are some accessories and products for girls from the 90’s.


Bath and Body

Who else remembers these fragrances? Bath and Body Works was one of my favorite stores as a teenager.

Candy land picture


Last but not least, how about some 90’s candy?

Blast from the past stocking stuffers pin

Did I miss anything? What awesome items do you remember from your childhood? Tell me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Blast From the Past Stocking Stuffers

  1. Amanda

    I love all of these!! I didn’t even know that you could still get some of these things!! Guess what my kids are getting in their stockings this year!


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