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Last week, I wrote about my stressful Morning routine that I needed to change. At the same time, I've been reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. In her book, she challenges you to get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would. This is one thing she challenges you to do because she knows it's difficult because who wants to get up 30 minutes earlier? Certainly not me. I love my sleep and don't get enough as it is, but she uses this exercise to put the 5 Second Rule into practice, but to also show you the effect of discipline and working towards your goal. When you change one habit, it has ripple effects through other parts of your life. Mel Robbins reminds us that we will never feel like doing most things, but we have to push through and do them. We have to follow our instincts and so many times we lose out on opportunities because we rethink things and let fear take over.

Peaceful lake in the morning.
I knew that I needed to change my morning routine to make things more peaceful for Rosebud and I, so I took the 30 minute challenge and got up 30 minutes earlier every day this week. Well, every day except one when my alarm somehow got turned off, but I still managed to get up 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Overall, my mornings this week have been much better. I was able to exercise before Rosebud woke up. I didn't feel rushed and even had a few quieter moments to think about what I wanted to get done during the day. It reminded me of mornings when Rosebud was a baby.

Sleeping baby.Back then, my work day started a little later so when Rosebud would have her morning nap, I'd rock her. It was so peaceful. I'd listen to music or an audio book while holding and watching my sleeping baby. Rosebud never slept in a crib and only slept well when next to me so there were lots of times when I had to slow down and just snuggle with her. Now that she's older and naps well in her toddler bed, I have to find a new way and a new time to be in that peaceful space.

Mother and daughter painting together.The other things I've done to make the mornings run smoother are to prepare my lunch the night before and to be intentional about leaving my phone in the other room so I'm not tempted to look at it when I get notifications. This way I'm not distracted and don't waste time. The best thing about having this extra time is when Rosebud asks to paint, I can tell her yes. We can have a few extra minutes to read a book or bake pretend pies.

If you haven't read the 5 Second Rule, it's worth checking out. It's as if Mel Robbins is sitting there talking to you rather than reading a book to you. I'll leave you with a quote from chapter 8 of the book.

"Whatever reason you hold yourself back, you're wrong. It's not safer to keep quiet. It's not better to keep the piece. It's not feudal to try. It's not risky. You're wrong. All your excuses and reasons, they are wrong. There is no right time to improve your life. The moment you move, that's when you discover your strength. That's the way to bring the real you to the table by pushing the real you out of your head and into the world. And the best time to do it. It's right now. Right now when your heart is telling you to move."


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