What Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Things may look a little different for Mother’s Day this year. Mom’s favorite restaurant may not be open, her gift may not arrive on time or you may not be able to see her in person due to social distancing. With all that in mind, I asked a group of mothers what they really want this year. Luckily for you, most of them don’t want fancy dinners out or an expensive gift. If you want to know the secret, keep reading to learn what the mothers in your life really want for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to click on their links as well to show these awesome mom bloggers some appreciation.

What Moms are really asking for this Mother’s Day

Quality Time Alone and with the Family

The responses I got included a mix of things from being pampered to quality time with family.

Jessica “What mothers really want for Mother’s Day is to sleep in and wake up to a freshly cleaned house! We also don’t want to hear any complaining the entire day.”

Amy “Time alone from my child 😂 In all seriousness I love to spend Mother’s Day partly by myself getting a pedicure and then having dinner with my family from my favorite takeout restaurant.”

Kate “I would love a massage from my husband without having to remind him or have to negotiate the length of the massage.”

Tiffany “I want a night or two at hotel by myself. Order room service, watch a TV show, book a massage and pedicure, and get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.”

Mother and baby smiling outdoors

Allison “What I really want for Mother’s Day is to spend a fun day out with my family, but not have to plan any of it. I’d love to just show up, be the fun mom, and make awesome memories with my kids.”

Tamara “I want this pandemic to end soon so that we can be back to normal. I’d love to go to the beach with my son, socialize with friends and relatives, have a normal delivery (I am pregnant). I’m due in June so these are my last days to have some family fun before the baby arrives – being stuck at home wasn’t exactly what I was wishing for.”

Crystal “I would love to have a day to myself. I have 4 young kids so our house is never quiet. To have a day of quiet to relax, sew, and watch tv by myself would be amazing. :)”

Ina “I would love a clean house, Netflix my choice, and visit garden center for plants shopping.”

Dana “I would really love a day to do nothing (although we’ve had a lot of that over the past few weekends) to read my books, magazines, and lay on my hammock.”Woman relaxing in bubble bath.

Taryn “All I want for Mother’s Day is a full night of uninterrupted sleep.”

Sarah “I want for everyone to be healthy and happy first and formost! Though it would be nice to enjoy some quality time outdoors together with family, followed by my husband taking care of supper and the kids, while I get some quite book reading/me time. It would also be nice if my husband did a few things off my “hubby-to-do-list” as well.”

Ana “For Mother’s Day, I would love to start the day feeling refreshed with a little time to care for myself, followed by special time later in the day with family — whether it’s an outing, game or dinner celebration, but peaceful quality time together.”

Samantha “For mothers day I just want to be with my kids and for no money to be spent. A homemade card with my little kids hand prints in it and a cuddle is all i ever want. Most mothers days we have a nice family meal or if its warm enough head to the beach.”

Mother and daughter in fancy dressesKristen “For Mother’s Day I’d love to be able sleep in, have breakfast made for me, and take an uninterrupted shower.”

Cassie “I would absolutely love to get the final decision that we could adopt our foster son that’s been in our care for almost two years.💕”

Maggy “A cup of tea in bed and a handmade card :)”

Girl in pink dress with Mother’s Day card.

Personalized Gifts

If you do pick out a gift. These moms have wonderful ideas for meaningful gifts.

Christina “What I would love for Mother’s Day is a mother’s necklace with my kids initials on it.”

Mellissa “I would love a photobook of all of my kids from birth to now. It would be so nice to have all of their photos in one place that I could look at whenever I wanted to!”

Holly from PinkFortitude sells gratitude journals which would make a wonderful personalized gift for mom.

Do you know what your mom’s love language is? Heather from Our Green Life says, “I think a lot of moms don’t want stuff, they want someone to do all the chores/errands/mom stuff that often fall to mom. A day without obligation would be the best.”

She has written this wonderful post about gifts of service for moms.

Jen from Journalls to Freedom Printables suggests, “this year, give the special mom in your life the priceless gift of time spent together.” She sells this amazing Printable Mother’s Day Binder.These are a great way to really get to know your mom and spend quality time with her. It’s a great gift for creating long-lasting memories together.

To wrap up this roundup of fantastic Mother’s Day ideas, Jane and Sonja from Sustain My Craft Habit have written this beautiful post about what mothers want for Mother’s Day from a kid’s perspective.

What Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day 2020

As for me, I’d love to get a little extra sleep, spend the day with Rosebud and then have some time to relax after she goes to bed. Above all this year, I want everyone to be healthy and safe. Check out last year’s Mother’s Day roundup for even more gift ideas. What are you doing for the moms in your life this Mother’s Day? Tell me in the comments.

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