22 Unique Valentine’s Cards and Party Favors for Kids

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Every year throughout elementary school, we’d hand out Valentine’s cards and our children are continuing this tradition. Most of the cards were generic and ended up in the trash soon after Valentine’s Day just because what would we keep them for? Occasionally, I’d get a more memorable card. Either it was homemade and there was something special about it. There could be a hand drawn picture, a 2d collage of hearts or something else that made it unique. One person even outlined their hand drawn pictures with puff paints.

22 Unique Valentine’s Cards and Party Favors for Kids

I am crafty, but not when it comes to making cards or drawing, so finding something store bought, but unique is the plan. Rosebud will be handing out cards at preschool, so I wanted to share these unique Valentine’s Day cards with you in case you are in the same boat. If you are looking for cards that pop up, smell good, are interesting shapes or include a little something extra, keep reading. At the end of the post, there will be some Valentine’s party favors as well.

Kid making Valentine’s cards

Pop Up Cards

Three dimensional cards are so cool!

Animated Cards

I’ve never seen this type of cards before. Rosebud and her friends are loving Paw Patrol, so these came up in my search.

Little girl smelling red rose

Scented Cards

Scratch and sniff is always fun for kids. They’ll come back to a card like this again and again.

Shaped or Cutout Cards

A little more interesting than the standard squares or rectangles.

Shiny Cards

If you want to add a little sparkle to the Valentine’s party, why not get something with a little shiny foil or glitter.

22 Unique Valentine’s Cards and Party Favors for Kids

Cards With Candy

Kids won’t be able to wait to try the candy!

Just a note about candy. Many schools are nut free zones, so some candy won’t be allowed. If you are hosting your own party or you know the kids, you might want to hand out the Hershey’s candy. There are a lot of children with allergies and we all know candy is unhealthy, so I am including a non candy option as well.

Cards with Non Candy Surprises

Kids will be excited to see what comes with these cards.

Valentine’s Party Favors

If you are putting together Valentine’s goody bags, these ideas are for you. I’m sticking with non candy party favors.

22 Unique Cards and Party Favors for Valentine’s Day

What are you doing for your kids Valentine’s parties? Tell me in the comments. If you are looking for some awesome Valentine’s Day crafts, snacks or Activities, head on over to Amy’s Balancing Act where she has this fantastic Valentine’s Day Idea Roundup.

5 thoughts on “22 Unique Valentine’s Cards and Party Favors for Kids

  1. Kimberlie

    As an elementary teacher, I can confirm 5hat the home made or unique cards have a better shot of making it home or ones with some sort or treat attached. I love seeing the students’ faces light up passing out treats to each other. Excellent round up of cards and favors

  2. Jen

    Thanks for the ideas! My little ones are so excited for Valentine’s Day. I know my oldest will love bringing stuff to her classmates.


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