Ball Painting

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Ball painting is a simple activity with minimal clean up. When I’ve done this project at work, I’ve always used a golf ball, but the golf ball that was floating around the house has disappeared. I found a different ball to use. It’s a little bigger and a lot lighter than a golf ball and I wonder if it made a difference in how the paintings came out.

What you’ll need:





What you do:

Place the paper on the bottom of the container.

Add some drops of paint in whatever colors you wish. As you can see, I put way too much paint in the first one.

Then have your little one shake the container back and forth and or from side to side.

The movement of the ball will create the painting.

Open the container to see the surprise creation!

Rosebud enjoyed shaking the container. She wanted to make a second painting so we did. For the second painting we kept it simple and stuck with yellow. That seems to be her favorite color lately. We’ll be trying this again with other balls of different sizes and weights to see what gets the best results.

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