Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Little Girl

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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. While I think it’s over commercialized like everything else, I want to make the day fun and special for Rosebud. Our tradition is that I surprise her with a small Valentine’s Day gift in the morning. I haven’t decided exactly what her gift will be yet, but I’ll admit that shopping for little girls is too much fun. It gave me inspiration for this post. If you are shopping for a Valentine’s gift for little girl, I got you covered. This post has plenty of gift ideas to get you started.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Little Girl

Build A Bouquet Play Set

Rosebud loves this flower play set. There are a few different kinds and they all look like they can be connected. I got her this set last year and she still plays with it, but I’m thinking of getting her a second set, so that she can make her flower gardens bigger. This toy is great for color recognition, creativity and learning about different kinds of flowers.

Little girl playing with jewelry


Most little girls I know love jewelry. Rosebud has this bracelet and necklace set with rose pendant. She is not a fan of jewelry, so I’m saving it for when she’s a little older. This set is very pretty and I was surprised that it seems well made. I was impressed with it for a little girl’s necklace. There are tons of options for girls jewelry. The options are endless.

Little girl with teddy bear

Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals are a classic gift. You can go with a classic teddy bear or with something unique. Something soft and cuddly is always nice.

Mother and daughter reading book


You can’t go wrong with books. There are so many great Valentines books out there. Here are just a few to give you an idea.

Girl in red dress

Valentine’s Dress

If you are going anywhere fancy for this Valentine’s Day or if your little girl just loves dressing up, you could get her a nice dress.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Girls

Kinetic Sand

I got this sand for Rosebud for Christmas and it is the coolest thing. It doesn’t dry out, you can make so many neat things and it doesn’t make a huge mess. There are lots of cool molds you can buy and lots of colors of sand to choose from. I’m thinking of getting the purple shimmer for Rosebud because purple is her favorite color. You could go with red to celebrate Valentine’s Day or maybe white shimmer for winter time.

Mother and daughter doing crafts

Art Supplies

If your little girl is an artist like mine is, why not get some Valentines themed art supplies? I love art because it allows children to use their imaginations.

Little girl at play kitchen

Play Food

Speaking of imaginations, Rosebud is loving her play kitchen and all the pretend food to go with it. Why not get your child’s favorite food in toy form? Maybe one of these desserts or the fruit salad?

Mother and daughter with heart

Crafting Kits

Rosebud is still too young for some of these things, but if you have a school age girl, a crafting kit might be the perfect thing. Some ideas are jewelry making, latch hook, gimp, modeling clay etc. Not only is creating something fun, but you could do these activities together. It could just be a relaxing activity after a long day at school or you could make Valentine’s Day gifts for others together. Either way, it’s a way to spend quality time which leads me to the last gift idea on my list.

Little girl with Valentines gift

Quality Time

    This doesn’t cost a thing. Well, it doesn’t have to. The main thing to show your children on Valentine’s Day is that you love them and want to spend time with them. Do you have a favorite activity that you like to do together or as a family? Here are some ideas.
  • Baking cookies together,
  • Taking a sight seeing walk,
  • Doing each other’s nails,
  • Spa day with facials and or foot bath,
  • Watching a favorite movie,
  • Reading books together,
  • Planning and cooking a meal,
  • Playing board games,
  • Doing puzzles,
  • Exploring places around town that you haven’t seen before,
  • Writing in a 2-way journal.

If your child is older, this would be a fun way to stay connected. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about things face to face, so it’s a great way to keep the lines of communication open. While this is not exactly an activity that you would necessarily do together, I think it counts as quality time as you are taking the time to stop and listen.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Little Girls
Will you be getting your little girl a Valentines gift? Do you have any special Valentine’s Day traditions? Tell me in the comments. Happy shopping!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Little Girl

  1. Claire

    I can’t believe it is almost February! There are some fantastic ideas on here. I have never seen the flower play set and I think my little girl would love it!

  2. Jen

    Thanks for the ideas! My two are super interested in valentine’s day this year (they’re 4.5 and 3). Gonna try to come up with something fun!

  3. Lorena |

    Adorable Valentine’s day gifts for little girls. I wish I had a daughter to gift these too. They are super cute.

  4. Jody

    I love all these ideas! Crafting kids seem to be my go to these days. My little girl just loves crafting. It is funny because I have never been that into it, but now, she has opened a new world for me!

  5. Kimberlie

    These are such precious ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your daughter. I especially love the play bouquet, jewelry and kinetic sand ideas.

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