What a Toddler Can Teach You

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Here are some lessons that I’ve learned since Rosebud has brightened up my life.

Little girl with kitten.11. Talk to the cats as if they will respond. Tell them about your day, get them involved in what you are doing even when you are brushing your teeth.

10. Always eat your veggies first. It’s the best part of the meal!

9. If anyone is unwell in the house including the animals, you must get your doctors kit and get to work.

8. Sparkles in any form must be noticed and commented on.

7. You can always pretend that something is something other than what it is at any time. It shows your creativity and imagination.

Little girl playing with pretend food.6. You must always eat with a fork even if the food is pretend. It’s polite.

5. It’s okay to tell someone that you don’t like something they did unless they’ve cooked you a meal. In that case, you have to tell them the food is delicious even if you avoid eating it at all costs.

Little girl playing with hose.4. If you are caught doing something you shouldn’t, yell really loud. It will distract them and maybe they won’t notice what you did.

3. If you find yourself in front of the tv, you should sing, dance or find some way to interact with it. It keeps your brain working.

2. If someone falls, you should always help them up.

1. Hugs and kisses solve most problems and you can never give too many of them.

Little girl making hugging gesture.


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