Flowers and Water Beads Sensory Bin

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Here is a fun spring themed sensory bin. Rosebud and I love flowers and I through this together in less than five minutes. After we waited for the water beads to puff up to full size, it was all set for play. This kept Rosebud busy for over an hour while I made dinner.

Flowers and Water Beads Sensory Bin pin

What’s in the bin?

  • Small tupperware containers,
  • Flower holders,
  • A funnel,
  • A measuring cup,
  • Measuring spoons.

I didn’t have any purpose in mind when putting this sensory bin together. I showed her how to put the flowers in the flower holders and showed her that she could turn the little containers into vases, but other than that, I let her take the lead.

The little funnel was perfect because the water beads fit through the hole. The measuring spoons were the perfect size as well. They work great for scooping up the water beads.

Flowers and water beads sensory bin

What are your favorite activities with water beads? Tell me in the comments.

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