Glitter Leaf Sun Catcher

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Glitter Leaf Sun Catcher pin

Lately, we’ve been doing activities with leaves. I was inspired by this post from, On Your Own, But Never Alone. I thought why not use the glitter leaves as sun catchers?

What you need:

Leaves on a cookie sheet

  • Leaves that are dry, but not crunchy,
  • Glitter glue,
  • Paint brushes,
  • Mod podge,
  • Contact paper or clear sheet protectors,
  • String.

Close up of glitter leaf

What you do:

1. Lay leaves on a flat surface and paint them with the glitter glue. You can paint just parts of the leaf or the entire thing. We used three different colors of glitter glue.

Glitter leavesGlitter leaf2. Set aside to dry.

3. Paint leaves with mod podge.

Leaves with Mod Podge4. When dry, arrange leaves in contact paper or sheet protector. I didn’t have any contact paper so I just glued the leaves inside the sheet protector.

Leaves inside sheet protector.5. Punch hole in contact paper and tie a string. If you use a sheet protector, the holes are already there.

Sun catcher in window on cloudy day.

6. Find a nice place to hang your creation. Some leaves will catch the sun and others will not depending on the color. Either way, you have a nice glittery fall decoration.

Sun catcher in window on sunnny day.

What are you making with leaves this fall? Let me know in the comments.

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