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You know what really makes my day? Getting a really good comment on one of my posts. Blogging is hard work. I write content, do a bit of research, find images, create pins and then promote posts once they are published. This process is the same for every post. When I get a really thoughtful comment, it makes my efforts worth it. When I have taught someone something, made them feel less alone or simply made them think from a different perspective, I have achieved my overall goal for this blog.

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If you are a blogger, there are several reasons why you should make commenting apart of your blogging routine. First, comments are what connect you with other bloggers. It is recommended that you find several blogs that you really enjoy within your niche and comment on them regularly. This way, you are building a relationship with other bloggers in your niche and bringing traffic back to your blog. They may start commenting on your blog as well making it a win-win for both of you. Next, comments help with SEO. A comment that uses key words from your post will help your posts rank higher when searching on Google. Finally, comments equal back links to your site. The more back links you have, the more credible your website will be and your domain authority will go up.

If you aren’t commenting or getting comments, you are missing out, but the important thing is your comment should be meaningful and strategic. How do you do that? Well, that’s what I’ll be going over in this post. I’m not an expert on everything blogging, but I have had other blogs in the past and A Flourishing Rose has been up and running for over a year now. With my previous blog, I got over 100 followers by simply commenting on other blogs. I did not have much of a social media presence back then and was blogging by trial and error. It didn’t take me long to figure out that commenting was the best way to build up my network.

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Make It Meaningful

When you leave a comment, you want to show the blogger that you are interested in his or her post. If you just say something like, “good article” or “great post”, that doesn’t tell the blogger anything. Why was it a great post? To leave a good comment, here are some questions to ask yourself. The answers will help you leave a good comment.

  • What did I like about this particular post?
  • What did this post teach me?
  • Can I relate to something in this post?
  • Did this post make me think differently and if so, what changed my mind?
  • What is your response to the call to action in the post?
  • Is there something you can add that the blogger missed?
  • Did you disagree with something in the post? If so, what is it?
  • Did the post inspire you to do something? If so, what?

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Commenting Takes Time

In order to leave a good comment, you need to take the time to read the entire post. It’s painfully obvious when someone leaves a comment without reading the post. Those comments are often generic, but if you read the post, you can answer one of the above questions or think of an entirely different response that is unique. Another reason to read the post is to find the call to action. I often put them towards the end of my posts, but there can be questions throughout. For example, a call to action might ask, “what does your self-care routine look like? Tell me in the comments.” Other calls to action may be that the blogger asks you to try the recipe, download a printable, watch a video, click on links for further reading etc. These are all things you can respond to when commenting.

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Keep SEO in Mind

As I said above, when you leave a comment, it becomes apart of that bloggers post whether it is good or bad. Everything in that post can be searchable through Google or another search engine. Assuming that the blogger is paying attention to SEO, you’ll want to sneak some key words into your comments to help that blogger’s posts rank higher with Google. A comment like, “thanks for posting” does not add to the posts value. However, if the post is about baby lead weening, it’s safe to assume that “baby lead weening” is one of the key word phrases for that post.

Here’s an example of a good comment. “I want to try baby lead weening with my daughter. I think we will try cooked carrots and sweet potatoes for her first foods. Thank you for sharing the feeding tips and the suggestions for baby’s first foods. I have bookmarked the list.” Do you see how I included some key words, mentioned which foods I would try and let the blogger know what I appreciated about their post?

Here’s another example of a wonderful comment from one of my lovely readers. Rose writes, “Oh, man. I don’t think I could have read when the air hits your brain. I am not squeamish about very much but I think the situations would’ve gotten me more than the medical things. I congratulate you on 50 reads. I’d love to know what’s on your TBR list for 2019!” Not only was it obvious that she read my post as she mentioned specific books that I read, but she gave me an idea for a future post. She also gave me something to respond to as she continued the conversation from my post. I like to respond to every comment I get, so it definitely helps when there is substance to the comment. You don’t have to write an essay, but you want to write at least two or three sentences.How to Leave a Good Blog Comment Pin

Be Careful About Link Dropping

If you only leave a comment to drop your links, that will be obvious. Not only is it rude, but it appears spammy. If you want to link drop, here a couple things to consider. Does that link have anything to do with the blogger’s post? For example, with my previous blog, I did a weekly favorites series where I’d round up a list of my favorite blog postseach week. When I published the post, I’d leave a comment on each person’s post that I linked to letting them know. I wouldbn’t just link drop and run though. Here’s an example.

“Your ice cream cone sensory bin is adorable. I will have to try it with my preschool class. I have included your post on my weekly favorites list which can be found here. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.” It took time, but I would get lots of gratitude and appreciation for sharing their posts.

Link dropping can be a slippery slope, but if you feel it relates to the bloggers original post or it contributes meaningfully to the conversation, you can include it, but I’d be cautious. My final note about links is that you definitely want to include your blog url in the appropriate box. That is what will drive traffic back to your blog. Most comment forms have fields for your name, E-mail address, blog url and comment.

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To summarize, a good comment asks a question, answers a question or provides a different perspective. In short, it brings something new to the conversation. Some rules of thumb for commenting include read the entire post, give the comment some substance, keep the blogger’s key words in mind and don’t link drop unless their are special circumstances. Is there anything I forgot? What makes a good comment for you? Scroll down and let me know.

9 thoughts on “How to Leave a Good Blog Comment

  1. Jenny Bhatia

    So, you just taught me a ton, and I took a picture of your list so I can improve upon this. And SEO? I had no idea I could help you improve on your SEO just by leaving a good blog post comment. Your post is useful to me as I always try to leave blog post comments that are thoughtful, but this will help me improve.

  2. Paul

    Leaving a comment should not taken lightly because it represent how you treat the author of the content. I must say all your points has sense to me this is how to leave a correct comment format that doesn’t make the author feel like its just a spam comments.

  3. Ms. Cents

    This is great advice on how to leave a good blog comment! So many comments come through that are nothing but spam and they’re such a hassle to weed out. I know I’m always delighted to find a good comment in the mix. If you have any tips on how to weed out the junk, I’d love to hear them. I’ve been deleting any comments I receive that don’t add to the conversation, in the hopes that long term it’ll help build community. But I do wonder if it’s worth the time to keep comments on and sort through them all…

  4. Tina

    Wow, this post was super helpful. I am a new blogger and honestly had no idea that comments helped SEO. I love your list of questions to address when forming a comment; it really got me thinking! Your advice on link dropping is especially helpful to me. I have been researching how to do “roundup posts” and never thought to leave a comment on the blogger’s post to let them know I shared it. What a valuable way to help the blogger and myself with a simple comment! Thank you so much for all the incredible tips!

  5. Sarah

    I really appreciate this post about leaving comments on blog posts. I haven’t checked other pages/posts on your site yet, so I assume you write for other bloggers. Generally people leaving comments on a blog post want to connect to the writer and others interested int he topic. I find bloggers in comment chains are less likely to leave thorough comments, if this post encourages them to do so, then it’s even better than I imagined.

  6. Oliver

    Blogging and Commenting connects each other slightly, So we can say Commenting on a post means a commenter is really interested in the post topic and liked whatever was shared by the blogger.

  7. Beth Elkassih

    As a fellow blogger who regularly leaves a comments, it was still enlightening to read this post about the proper way to comment on a post! You did a great job explaining the benefits, especially in the way of SEO, how how comments really make an impact. Job well done!


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