10 Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers

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This is the third post in my stocking stuffer series. Click here if you are looking for stocking stuffers for infants and here if you are looking for stocking stuffers for toddlers. There are so many options for this age group. It’s hard to narrow it down.

Child’s hand drawing with crayons

1. Art supplies

To encourage some creativity, why not go with something different than the standard crayons?

You could get these metallic crayons by Crayola that have a shimmer in the wax.

Make a drawing you can smell with these washable scented markers.

Add a little sparkle to your projects with this glitter glue.

Your child can get some practice cutting with child safe scissors.

Girl reading
2. Books

There are endless choices of books for preschoolers. I usually include a Christmas book or two in Rosebud’s stocking, but you could go with a book from any theme.

Story time with Grandpa

3. Felt story board kit

To go along with story time, a felt board story kit is a great idea. On Etsy, you can find homemade versions and support someone’s small crafting business or find a felt story on Amazon. The kids love moving the pieces to follow along with the story or creating a story of their own.

Etch a Sketch

4. Items from our childhoods

How about this retro style mini Etch a Sketch?

This toy is similar to the Light Bright, but this one is travel sized without the paper.

Who else remembers these water games?

Puzzle pieces
5. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great quiet winding down activity. Preschoolers can handle puzzles that are a bit more challenging.

Girls room

6. Night light

Many preschoolers are scared of the dark and what may or may not be under the bed. Why not get them a cool night light to make night time a little less scary.


7. Games

Preschoolers can start learning games with simple rules.


8. DVD’s

These are good for a quiet rainy day afternoon inside or a long road trip. These are some of Rosebud’s favorite shows and movies.

Hair clips

9. Accessories

You could get hair bows, hats or jewelry.

Magnetic letters

10. Magnetic letters and numbers

Preschoolers can get some practice with letter recognition and learning sight words.

These aren’t magnets, but they are great for bath time.

10 Stocking Stuffers for preschoolers pin

I hope this post has helped you fill your preschooler’s stocking. Stay tuned for more gift giving ideas as the holidays get closer. Until then, happy shopping!

9 thoughts on “10 Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers

  1. Amandela

    This is right on time. For me as a new parent, I always wonder if I am going to pick the right age appropriate things for my growing baby. She is a toddler, but her engagement and learning styles would make you consider her a preschooler. I love this and the ideas that were presented! The Etch and Sketch was my thing as a kid lol.

    1. The Rose Post author

      That’s so true. My daughter is right on time with some things and way ahead in others. Each child is unique and that’s part of the fun of finding gifts for them. I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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    1. The Rose Post author

      Yes. Felt boards are great. I’m going to get my daughter one for her stocking this year. Thank you for your comment.

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