A Sensory Bin for Fine Motor Skills

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Sensory Bin for Fine Motor Skills pin.

I set up this sensory bin often for Rosebud. She likes to be in the kitchen with me while I’m making dinner. I usually try to make foods that she can help me prepare, but when the meal is too complicated or if she isn’t in the mood to help, I put together this quick sensory bin. I don’t have a name for it because it’s random, but it’s fantastic for working on those fine motor skills. Squeezing, pinching, grasping and pouring are all skills that strengthen the hands and fingers, increase hand eye coordination and are a precursor to writing.

Sensory Bin for Fine Motor Skills

What’s in the tub?

  • Water,
  • Dish soap for bubbles,

Sensory bin with all the items

Other things you could include:

  • Tongs,
  • Stones or marbles,
  • Small bottles,
  • Mini strainers,
  • Sponges of different shapes and or textures,
  • Food coloring.

A Sensory Bin for Fine Motor Skills pin.

Rosebud’s favorite part of this sensory tub is the sponges. She loves squeezing all the water out into the cups. I only had these wedge makeup sponges on hand, but I will be buying different sponges to add. She also asked for the animals which allows for more pretend play. She has the penguins and seals swim through the bubbles, dive into the cups and she gives them a bath. It’s a win-win. I can make dinner or do dishes and Rosebud can play and learn at the same time. What are your go to activities when you need to be busy with chores? Tell me in the comments.

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